Lum Metik Trading Co.

Lum Metik Trading Company was founded  November 2006 as a subsidiary of Centro Mayapan, a  social purpose business corporation.

Our goal is to be a bi-national economic, social and commercial alternative for women and Mexican grassroots organizations. In order to reach our goal, Lum Metik is guided by the following principles: solidarity, a just market, cultural diversity, economic growth and the empowerment of working women, indigenous women and women who produce traditional artisan products.

Establishing commerce that values the labor of women and communities stimulates a culture and style of life that has been lost little by little through a global economic model that emphasizes mass production, and by doing so, depersonalizes individuals causing a loss of identity and empowerment, especially amongst women.

As a result, Lum Metik focuses on partnering with socially conscious organizations. Criterion for such organizations includes fair wages for employees, environmentally friendly manufacturing, and production of high-quality, hand-crafted wares.

Currently we import authentic, high-quality goods from carefully chosen cooperative organizations of Mexican women. We strive to maximize profits and to create independent sustainability, by importing a wide variety of goods from many Mexican regions and states.

Our strategy is to reach our goal and fulfill principles by working towards the establishment of a network of social purpose businesses based on the production and commercialization of products that supports the economy and empowerment of the people of Mexican heritage on both sides of the border, especially women.

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Lum Metik Trading Co.
2000 Texas Ave.
El Paso, Tx 79901
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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
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