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Our Approach

La Mujer Obrera’s education approach is rooted in the assets of the traditional Mesoamerican diet and local foods. Our community has encountered many health programs that chastise the “Mexican diet.” We believe our community will become healthier not in spite of our culture, but precisely because of it: by connecting to the inherently healthy practices of our traditions. We also hold that community education should occur in the community itself, and we see Mercado Mayapán as a place where people will experience the taste and scents of traditional foods  and in the process reclaim their health and culture.We encourage our community members to go back to traditional ways of eating, including growing our own food, even if it’s at a small scale.


Mayapán Nutrition Education Program

Established in 2012, the Mayapán Nutrition Education program ties culturally-based nutrition education to Mercado Mayapán , the Mayapán Farmers Market, and the Mayapán Mobile Market.

As part of this effort, we train our staff in basic nutrition highlighting the history and assets of the traditional Mesoamerican diet as well as history of the industrial food system, the importance of a sustainable local food system and food justice. We continuously review our food court menus to include fresh foods, combine foods wisely, and include ingredients from the traditional Mesoamerican diet.

We also provide nutrition classes and cooking workshops to community members, both youth and adults, in English and Spanish. We designed a mobile cooking cart, which we use to conduct cooking demonstrations and provide  community members with samples and recipes at various neighborhood events.

In addition, we provide ongoing information about grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits – as well as the important of local, traditional foods – as part of seasonal and permanent displays.


Mayapán Family Wellness Program

La Mujer Obrera established the Mayapan Family Wellness Program in 2012 to provide preventive health education for low-income, Hispanic families through practical tips on food and nutrition, relaxation, and family wellness.

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