Mercado Mayapan

Mercado Mayapan is more than a business. We believe in employment that is rooted in dignity and that celebrates our culture.

Mercado Mayapan is a space carved out by women workers to implement their ideas. Here, we can implement ideas such as:

Fair commerce

We worked to establish a network of women artisan cooperatives in Mexico. Our collaboration allowed us to learn how to set up an import company while they learned how to prepare products for export. The products from this network, La Red Niu Matat Napawika, are available for purchase at our Lummetik Trading Company inside Mercado Mayapan.

Cultural education 

Many of our patrons are like us – low-income community members who might not be able to afford to travel to Mexico. So, we bring Mexico to us – exploring its regions through its music, art, and culture. We hold annual festivals such as the Mole Festival (July), Corn Festival (September), and Day of the Dead Festival (late October/early November), featuring the traditions of different regions of Mexico. We develop programs to bring artists from Mexico not only to perform, but to provide workshops to our community members about their art and traditions.

Fair food

We believe all human beings have a right to know where our food comes from and to eat and learn about local foods and the foods of our culture. As part of our cultural education strategy, we research and prepare Mexican regional cuisine and prepare educational exhibits.  We have also developed various food-focused projects including the Mayapan Farmers Market, the Mayapan Nutrition Education Program, and the Mayapan Family Wellness Program.

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